Alicja Puscian


Alicja obtained her PhD in Neuroscience at the Nencki Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) in the laboratory of Ewelina Knapska. Currently she is a postdoctoral associate in the laboratory of Michael Higley at the Department of Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine, where she has been studying the role of different neuronal classes in the control of visually-guided behavior. Her main scientific interest lies in elucidating neural underpinnings of learning and behavioral flexibility. To that end, following her postdoctoral training, she is aiming to become a leader of a laboratory specializing in behavioral neuroscience.

In the course of Alicja career she has been involved in numerous student- and science-related organizations. Her most valuable experience was as the Chair of the PhD Students Council, a national body advocating for the graduate students of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a position to which she was elected twice. At Yale Alicja has been a member of the Yale Postdoctoral Association (YPA), a coordinator for the YPA Professional Development Committee in 2018,  and a creator of the inspirational Podcast for Yale Postdocs.

Alicja other passion is science popularization. She has been engaged in the organization of many science festivals and workshops. She has also contributed to science education as a Khan Academy content creator, recording biology videos in Polish.