Breakout Sessions

Sessions will each run twice so that you have the opportunity to attend sessions that take place at the same time as another session you wish to attend. Session schedule coming soon.

Learn how to network like a boss. At its core, networking is marketing who you are and what makes you stand out from the crowd. This session will cover how to uncover your “story” and how to present yourself. Plus, we’ll discuss where to find new contacts, how to form meaningful... read more

Many people focus on what’s wrong - problems, struggles, and stressors - and lose sight of what’s good and strong in themselves and others. Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice focuses the power of mindfulness on personal character strengths. This synergy can then be used to create one’s best... read more

In this session, you’ll learn how to best market yourself via LinkedIn. Allow your future candidacy to shine by gathering helpful tips to elevate your profile to All-Star status. Please bring your mobile devices and be prepared to have them out during the session, as you will be able to update... read more

In this session, you’ll hear about topics such as how Americans plan for financial security and retirement and whether they feel it needs improvement, where young professionals are on the road to financial security and if they’re moving in the right direction, attitudes toward... read more

Do you find resume writing to be a burdensome chore? This session will tackle the essential elements of a quality resume. Beyond formatting, we will delve into a process in which we leverage our confidence in ourselves to obtain our next position or make a career transition.

The session will be interactive and all about you. The mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s more confidence, stronger presence or increasing your negotiating power. The presenter will help you optimize and control your nonverbal signals.