Young Professional Recognition Awards

This year will be the first in which we recognize outstanding young professionals throughout the state for their hard work and achievements. The award nomination form is available here. The deadline for nomination is midnight on Thursday January 31, 2019.

What are the Young Professional Recognition Awards?

The Young Professional Recognition Awards are an inaugural awards ceremony that is part of the Young Professionals Symposium. The individuals receiving this honor may be selected for a wide range of achievements, but overall, will have distinguished themselves through a commitment to changing and influencing their community through their personal efforts. Up to seven awardees will be chosen, one from each category.

Award Categories and Descriptions:

Community Catalyst: a young professional who brings together members of diverse communities with shared interests for amazing results. Also known as a facilitator, intermediary, or connector.

Entrepreneur: a young professional who has brought an innovative initiative, product, or service to the market in an original way.

Teammate: a young professional who has shown commitment and dedication to their team and team members.

Visionary: a young professional whose pioneering work and vision is impacting their community for the better.

Mentor: a young professional who has made a significant positive impact on their mentees’ education and career.  The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to, nurturing intellectual growth, career development, professional guidance, and positive role modeling.

Community Advocate: a young professional who has made significant contributions to the community through civic engagement, board or committee work, and/or involvement with charitable organizations.

Work-life Champion: a young professional who takes unusual or extraordinary measures to balance work and family.

Who Can be Nominated?

  • Nominee must  be between 21-40 years of age as of February 2, 2019.
  • Nominee must be a resident of Connecticut.
  • Nominee does not need to be a member of any young professional organizations.
  • People may be nominated for more than one award category, however each person may only win one award per year.
  • Members of the Award Committee may not be nominated. 

Who Can Nominate?

Anyone can nominate a young professional for an award, however self-nominations are not allowed. Nominations must include a short paragraph describing how the nominee has personified the award category’s theme.

How do I Nominate Someone?

Click here to access the nomination form.

What Happens after the Nomination form is Submitted?

Because this is a confidential process, you will only be contacted if your nominee is chosen as a recipient.

Does the Winner or Nominator Have to be Present at the Symposium to Win?

No, however in the event of a tie, priority will be given to nominees who will be in attendence. Additionally, if awardees cannot make it, they will miss out on their well-deserved applause and recognition. 

What do Winners Receive?

Young Professional Recognition Award winners will each receive a fancy certificate from the Young Professionals Symposium (great for your office and your resume) and lots of applause and recognition from the  audience! Awardees will also be shared via the event website, FLY/CTYP websites, social media, and newsletters.