Body Language: Reading Others’ and Hacking Your Own

The session will be interactive and all about you. The mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s more confidence, stronger presence or increasing your negotiating power. The presenter will help you optimize and control your nonverbal signals.


Konstantza Popova

Breakout Session Presenter

Konstantza Popova is a Strategic Sourcing  Manager at Yale Procurement where she buys Professional Services and Consulting for the University. In her role, she negotiates, manages risk, and signs agreements on behalf of the University, and works across the entire institution to drive best procurement practices for the Professional Services & Consulting category.

She has a BS and MS in International Business, and over 15 years of global experience sourcing wide variety of goods and services for companies like IKEA and Procter & Gamble.

Konstantza is a VP of Public Relations for Yale Toastmasters Club and a Co-Chair of Yale University Working Women’s Network. Prior to her WWN co-chair role, she initiated and lead WWW Health Series where she organized programming for over 600 attendees.

Born and raised in Europe, a world traveler for business and pleasure who lives in the USA, she finds her exposure to many nationalities and cultures to be one of the most enriching aspects of her life. Konstantza identifies herself as a “citizen of the world”. She is passionate about women’s rights, healthy living, sustainability and emotional intelligence.

Session Type: 
Breakout Session