Ratasha Smith

Award Winner

Odell Stewart III
Smart, dedicated, creative; and stylish while still balancing work and home while making it look fun and easy.
Anthony McKnight
Ratasha has shown the ability to adapt to changes that’s may occur in her personal and professional, while still maintaining a balance.
Allyssa Antunes (nominated Ratasha for Community Catalyst)
I nominate Ratasha Smith for the Community Catalyst Award. Ratasha makes it her goal to bring together people from diverse communities all over Connecticut. She works hard to find various shared interests and reaches out to groups and individuals to connect them. She uses her experience from the Greater New Haven area, and her vast portfolio from her work with the Community Foundation and always knows ‘who to call’ to solve a problem. Last year she became the President of the growing Urban League of Southern Connecticut’s Young Professionals group.

Year won: 
Work-life Champion of the Year